There is a pressing need to enable people to stay in their home, independent and well for longer. The solution requires the joining up of local level services around housing, social care and health. Tackling poor housing conditions, facilitate better access to care and support services to improve the life chance of residents.

This conference will :

  • Provide research outcomes and evaluate solutions.
  • Draw attention to key measures to remove or reduce the impact of factors that make people ill or unable to stay in their home, such as cold and unsafe homes, fuel poverty and disability access
  • Provide an overview of the nature and causes of health inequalities and approaches to reducing them
  • Show models of Integrating social and healthcare in the home – success models
  • Provide an evaluation of home-based solutions and adaptions
  • Include a dementia focus and review of the concept dementia home
  • Review funding – what is available and how to make the best use of the resources
  • Sources of information and help
  • Provide an opportunity for networking

Confirmed Speakers include:

  • Dr Charles Alessi, Senior Advisor, Public Health England
  • Pete Bonfield, Chief Executive, BRE Group
  • Helen Garrett, Principal Consultant, BRE
  • Merron Simpson, Director, NHS Alliance
  • Kevin Davies Housing Support and wellbeing Service manager, Aspire Housing
  • Bill Halsall, Partner, HLP
  • David Kelly BRE director of BRE Innovation Parks

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