With staff shortages and the number of single-bed patient rooms on the rise, BEAMS remote monitoring responds to the problem of missed bedside alarms.

A new video has been produced to help explain the many benefits of BEAMS (Bedside Equipment Alarm Monitoring System) including how installing the system on hospital wards can help staff respond to all alarms quickly and efficiently, even if they cannot be heard behind closed doors.

Developed by Tutum Medical Ltd, in collaboration with Sheffield Children’s Hospital, this exciting and innovative BEAMS system will help keep patients safe by ensuring that staff are aware of all bedside alarms, their priority status and location.

The multi award-winning BEAMS improves response times to all alarms by up to 84 per cent for improved patient outcomes and experience, with better staff workflow to release more time for nursing and reducing pressure on staff.

The medical director at Sheffield Children’s Hospital was concerned about patient safety based on moving from a ward to single occupancy rooms with no additional nurses and staff. The hospital asked Tutum Medical to develop a suitable monitoring system to improve nurses’ ability to respond to alarms and keep patient’s safe.

This article was kindly sponsored by Tutum Medical.

For more information including the many benefits BEAMS can provide, or to book a free hospital trial, please visit: www.tutummedical.com.