The KEN 521 XLS instrument Washer Disinfector is now available in the UK exclusively from LTE Scientific. It has some of the lowest running operating costs of any washer disinfector currently available thus offering exceptionally low costs of ownership in terms of power, water, and chemistry.

The design and specifications of the 521 XLS instrument washer offers numerous operational benefits in Sterile Service departments.
The 521 XLS model has a loading capacity of up to 18 DIN baskets on six levels with many other accessories available to process your specific load correctly.

The 521 XLS is built to a high standard, stainless steel frame and panels offer strength and the tempered glass doors gives a modern look. Due to the user-friendly, swipe action intuitive high resolution 7” display, staff can monitor the progress of the washing cycles thus ensuring optimal use of resource. A new wash arm has been designed and introduced to ensure cleaning efficacy is achieved every time. The 521 XLS has a small footprint of just 800mm wide x 1004mm depth) making it the most space efficient 6-level washer disinfector available.

Other benefits of the 521 XLS are:
●Short processing time—validated program in less than 55 minutes
●Side by side installation—maximising space efficiency
●Service-friendly—majority of servicing can be carried out from the front of the machine
●Reduction on water, energy and chemical consumption.

After sales care is provided by LTE’s nationwide team of fully-qualified technicians. They offer maintenance, service and testing for all leading brands of washer disinfectors and sterilisers, all to the latest HTM Guidelines.

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