A £500 million procurement framework has been launched by NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS) to offer high-quality soft facilities management services to the NHS and the wider public sector. 

The new framework aims to provide cost-effective access to a wide-range of specialist services. The framework has 32 different lots that cover a variety of services including: asbestos removal, active and passive fire safety, CCTV and lift maintenance, cleaning and laundry services, pest control, and grounds and gardens maintenance.

Initial reports suggest that there could be an average saving of 5 per cent when compared to buying direct from a supplier at list price, this has the potential to save the public sector up to £25 million.

Phil Davies, Director of Procurment at NHS SBS said: “The experience and capability of the approved suppliers has been robustly tested as part of our comprehensive procurement process. It means framework users can have full confidence in the essential services provided, without needing to carry out their own complex and costly procurement exercise.”

The soft facilities management framework aims to provide services to the NHS, local authorities, educational establishments and any other public body. There are further hopes that the agreement made can include an option for these bodies to procure single services, bundled services or a complete managed solution. The scheme will run until summer 2022 with the possibility of an extension to 2024.

NHS and other public sector organisations can use the framework to directly award a contract to approved suppliers, or run a mini-competition to help drive further competitive pricing. Offering such services as porterage and courier services, water treatment, demolition, window cleaning and catering.