HT62AsmallLTE Scientific displayed models from its Scope-Store endoscope storage range and provided information on its porous load sterilizers for CSSDs.

Offering five, eight and ten scope storage capacities in both vertical and shelf loading variants, LTE’s Scope-Store has been extensively tested to EN16442 by Biotech Germande.

Single entry and pass-through models are available, together with an ENT range which can store up to 20 scopes.

LTE’s new Scope -Store models, showcased at IDSc, are due for launch early in 2018.

The company’s porous load sterilizers comply fully with the latest HTM guidelines and are available in sizes up to 42cu ft. Manual, semi-automatic and automated loading systems are available.

LTE’s services centre offers nationwide services and testing on sterilizers, washer-disinfectors, AERs and storage cabinets.

The team on hand to discuss the product range with delegates included Mike Bowden, right, pictured with two LTE distributors, who took the opportunity to visit IDSc.

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