Wound management is estimated to cost the NHS almost £10 billion per year.¹ Changing patient needs, nursing shortages and delays in appropriate treatment are all contributing to this cost. Dressings are frequently overprescribed, contributing to widespread product waste, further driving up costs. As a result, HARTMANN is continually looking at new ways to support the NHS to reduce wastage and achieve efficiency savings, while maintaining a high standard of patient care.

Non-prescription ordering systems are invaluable to the NHS in overcoming the challenges of procurement activities while ensuring patient outcomes are not compromised. HARTMANN Advanced Logistics Ordering (HALO) allows a “just in time” ordering process which reduces inefficiencies and streamlines costs through enhanced tracking and analysis of wound dressing use. HALO’s real-time interactive reporting suite allows the monitoring of spend and product use at multiple levels. Detailed product analysis focuses on ordering trends, highlighting potential inappropriate product use, and allows for quick intervention where necessary.

Choosing the right partner, one that is responsive to change, will drive savings quickly without impacting patient outcomes. HARTMANN’s dedicated HALO project manager will work closely with customers and their teams to ensure the system is constantly meeting the needs of the Trust, clinicians, and patients by responding immediately to suggested product and system changes. Clinicians have immediate access to the formulary products they use which ensures patients receive the right product at the right time, improving clinical outcomes and patient experience.

Partnering with HALO ensures:

  • Easy transition with minimal disruption
  • One point of contact – HARTMANN
  • A dedicated HARTMANN Project Manager
  • Fully interactive visual reporting suite
  • Option to utilise HALO’s product authorisation process to further drive cost savings

“We were really impressed with the level of support the team at HARTMANN provided. They were very keen to listen to us in terms of our requirements. The implementation was seamless from start to finish and tailored to meet the challenges of a Covid lockdown period. We found HALO to be a user-friendly system, very intuitive, straightforward, and easy to use. Within the CCG we all want to ensure that funds are spent in the most appropriate fashion and HALO is the best tool that allows us to do that.” – Ross Burton, Medicines Optimisation Pharmacist – Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group.

HARTMANN’s partnership with Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group resulted in:

  • 100 per cent of KPIs set by the Trust achieved
  • More than £450,000 savings through using the HALO authorisation process over a two-year period

To find out how HALO could help your organisation to achieve cost and wastage efficiencies please contact a HARTMANN representative:

HARTMANN UK & Ireland: +44 (0) 1706 363 200

Email: info@uk.hartmann.info



¹ Julian F Guest, Graham W Fuller and Peter Vowden (2020). BMJ Open, Cohort study evaluating the burden of wounds to the UK’s National Health Service in 2017/2018: update from 2012/2013. Available from: https://bmjopen.bmj.com/content/10/12/e045253