Free parking is being offered to all NHS staff to help them to get to work when transport networks are offering limited services.  NHS workers can access this offer directly via the NCP website and pre-book their space each time they need to park.  

The offer is at over 150 locations across the UK and available to book any time up to an hour before arrival into the car park.  

The offer will run until the end of April, when the situation will then be reviewed.  NCP currently already offers discounted rates for NHS workers all year round in many of our car parks located near a hospital, but for this uncertain period we are offering NHS front line staff free parking. 

Jonathan Scott, CEO of NCP said; “We salute you NHS, from the bottom of our hearts and want to thank you sincerely for all the work you are doing.  We hope this gesture helps you focus on your incredible work, and not have to worry about train times and transport restrictions.”

NHS staff please visit our website and the information on how to access this offer will be available via the homepage.

Please email for further information.