The Prime Minister yesterday travelled to Hereford County Hospital, a part of Wye Valley NHS Trust, to announce new spending as part of a £1.5 billion capital funding plan for the NHS. 

The Prime Minister announced that there will be allocated spending of £300 million available to hospitals, in an effort to help trusts prepare their services for the potential second wave this winter, whilst on his visit to the ICU in Wye Valley NHS Trust.  

Wye Valley will be one of 117 NHS trusts that will receive funding.   

Projects will be completed by the start of next year so hospitals benefit from the upgrades during the peak of winter. Last year the PM also confirmed 20 hospitals will receive a share of £850 million to upgrade outdated facilities and equipment.

Mr Johnson commented that: “These upgrades will help our fantastic NHS prepare for the winter months, helping them to deliver essential services and reduce the risk of coronavirus infections.” 

Health Minister Edward Argar said that: “Today, we are announcing the details of the Trusts across the country who will receive a share of £300 million to upgrade their A&Es and support emergency care to help them to continue to deliver safe and accessible services throughout the normally busy winter period.”

Mr Johnson went on to visit those working within ICU wards in Hereford, speaking to nurses and congratulating them on their hard work throughout the pandemic.