The NHS App has now recorded more than 30 million sign-ups, and almost 450,000 new organ donation decisions have been registered via the app. 

People were encouraged to use the NHS App as an easy way to register their decision during Organ Donation Week (26 September to 2 October) with more than 6,500 patients currently waiting for a transplant across the UK. 

The milestone comes after the NHS app has undergone various updates to include more on-the-go services. As the NHS Director for Transformation Dr Tim Ferris explained, “We are transforming the NHS App into a front door for the NHS, so the millions of people currently using it can set their organ donation preferences but also do much more to manage their health and access services”. 

Figures from NHS Digital show the NHS App now has more than 30 million sign-ups and its increased use could impact many lives, with hundreds of thousands of new donors registering their decision for the first time via the app in the last year.  

The total number of organ donation decisions registered for the first time through the NHS App has increased by 69 per cent in a year – with a rise from 265,000 last September to 448,000 in August 2022. 

Since September 2021, 183,000 new organ donation decisions have been registered via the NHS App. Overall, organ donation preferences have been managed 3.7 million times through the app.   

Registering a preference on organ donation helps NHS specialist nurses to quickly understand people’s wishes, which can ultimately save lives. 

Anthony Clarkson, Director of Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplantation for NHS Blood and Transplant shared:“Every day across the UK there are thousands of patients and their families, waiting for that all important life-saving call. Yet, this is often only possible as a result of another family receiving some of the hardest news they might ever have to hear. 

“With the increase in the number of people waiting for transplants, it’s more important than ever to register your organ donation decision and make it known to your family and friends. We urge all family members of all ages to take a moment this Organ Donation Week to register and share your decision.” 

To find out more and register your decision, visit or the NHS Organ Donor Register at